1 Opensys

Founded in 2006, Opensys is a private limited Belgian company (besloten vennootschap) with headquarters in Blinkenbergstraat 1B, 3128 Baal. Opensys is a leading solutions provider in the development of software solutions for Air Traffic Control Surveillance systems analysis and ATC Simulation system development. The company has provided various solutions to EUROCONTROL as well as various European ANSPs (NATS, Sloveniacontrol, LFV, Belgocontrol) and ATC industries (OzTech, Dilogos, AviaBurgas). Projects involved included surveillance sensor simulation, development of surveillance data analysis tools and monitoring functionality, development of various components of ATC simulation platform TMA2010+ Concept Demonstrator and concept development of arrival/departure manager functionality.

During the last 6 years, Opensys was involved in SESAR and supported/managed the EUROCONTROL contribution to various Surveillance solutions. In the context of these SESAR solutions, there was close collaboration with key ANSPs (ENAIRE, NAV Portugal, Naviair) and industrial partners (Thales, Indra).

Prior to SESAR involvement between 2011 and 2017, Opensys was active in the development of ADS-B Airborne Monitoring functionality. This involved setting up of automated daily processing of ADS-B accuracy, quality and equipage monitoring. The results have been provided through regular reports, presentations at meetings and through a web interface.

During 2010, similar data quality monitoring functionality has also been developed for NATS in collaboration with OzTech and AviaBurgas. This project involved acquisition of surveillance data from recorders, basic data analysis, SASS-C (both V6.3 and VERIF) based bias/accuracy/false analysis, storing of results in database and Web based metrics presentation.

From 2008 to 2010, Opensys has also contributed to EUROCONTROL ATC simulation platform STANS, first developing arrival/departure manager functionality and then developing TMA2010+ Concept Demonstrator platform. In the context of this project, there were shadow mode trials performed at Belgocontrol and LFV (Malmö).

In 2007, Opensys has taken on board the development of Real-time and ADS-B Data Link Simulation with SMART. The simulated data are output on network to ARTAS and pseudo-pilot positions. The data link simulation is based on error models including transmitter/receiver characteristics, range and message type. Furthermore, adaptation modules have been developed for interfacing the TIS-B server and ground stations.